Be Invisible

Get Unbelievable Close With Camo Wrap

Why paint when you can wrap? Save time and money with ThinSkin™ breathable camo wrap.


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Camo Features.

Absorbs light so you can forget about
unwanted glare.

Breathable so it won't trap moisture, helping 
to protect your gear from rust and wear.

Dampens noise so no clanking gears.

Application is easy.

Get Unbelievably Close.

With several popular camo designs to choose from,
we’ve got you covered so you can match your favorite hunting gear
all while flying under the radar.


Download a PDF template. Print using any printer then line up the sheets as instructed.
Once aligned, just cut, peel and apply. More templates coming soon.

100% Made in USA

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Easy to Use

Each sheet of ThinSkin Camo Wrap is ready to use right out of the package. All you need is a pair of scissors or a sharp blade and some time.

Long Lasting

ThinSkin Camo Wrap is rugged and will last a long time. If you happen to scuff or tear a piece, just cut and apply a new piece - it's that easy.

Stands up in any weather!

ThinSkin Camo Wrap is breathable and does not hold in moisture so it helps protect your gear from dust and rust.

Safe to Use

ThinSkin Camo Wrap is sage to use on all your coveted gear, even your own skin. It doesn't leave any messy residue either.

Get a Grip

ThinSkin Camo Wrap is a great way to add or restore grip to your gear. Perfect for old knife handles and gun stocks.

Works on Almost Anything

ThinSkin Camo Wrap adheres to just about any surface with ease. Plastic, wood, metal, even skin!