Our Tattoos

Easiest temporary tattoos on the market.

Apply to clean dry skin, peel and stick to your skin, to remove just peel off!

Waterproof, sweatproof, lifeproof!

The elements are no match for out tattoos. Our tattoos resist, water, heat cold and wear!

Saves embarrassment!

No need to worry about showing up to class or work the next day with tattoo residue or a nasty rash infecting your skin. Our tattoos are peel and stick are hypoallergenic and simply peel off to remove.

Custom designs available!

We do custom designs for your next race, event and more. Our high-quality digital printing is environmentally friendly and high definition. There are no restrictions on number of colors, including white.

What We Do

We offer collegiate, customized and OEM  licensed products under the Fan-A-Peel® and Game Faces® brands. Our versatile peel and stick solutions can be fun for family and friends,  and serve as tools for lasting hassle free advertising, brand awareness and fun.  Most of our tattoo/sticker products are produced in the USA using 3M™ hypoallergenic medical tape, patented state-of-the-art digital printing and sophisticated die-cutting techniques to produce the highest quality product. If you have your own licenses or designs and are interested in our products, we would be happy to discuss an OEM relationship or White Label opportunities. We are supplier members in ASI, SAGE and Promo Marketing.


Looking to get involved? We have opportunities for you to become a distributor of our products. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a distributor. In addition, we are always looking for creative products and ideas to expand our business.

Awarded “Best Educational Products for Elementary Aged Kids – 2018”

Children have endless excitement and creativity to learn when they are young and it’s up to us, as parents, to foster that creativity in unique and fun ways. We’ve been chosen as a Best Educational Products for Elementary Aged Kids!